Suburban Life Publications interview with CEO - Ron Stefanski

posted Sep 23, 2012

Elmhurst, IL -- Spotting a piece of paper shoved under the door of his high-rise apartment sparked an idea for Ron Stefanski, who is an Internet marketing manager and teacher with a master’s degree in business administration. He realized technology could improve on the building’s archaic communication system. The Elmhurst native is president of, conceived as a customizable, online announcement board that offers perks to building management and residents. Robert Gruber of Elmhurst is a partner in the venture.

How does work, Ron?
It is a website using modern day technology — computers, cell phones and tablets — to make communication between tenants and their (landlords) much more efficient. It alerts people in real time. (We serve) unit owners, unit managers and unit renters. Our staff realized from first-hand experience that communication between tenants and property managers was, for lack of a better word, terrible. The rental community is still relying on outdated communication methods such as a community corkboard, announcements posted in the elevator, and papers being slid under tenant doors. Our goal is to help property managers save time and money by letting tenants receive messages using technology that they already have. In addition, we have created resident software (that) includes features like the online building marketplace, building reviews, document storage.

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